Millions of material that documents the Palestinian cause are scattered around the world, some are preserved in Palestinian archives, and some are seized by the Israeli Archives and now became a part of their collections and others are in different Western and Arab archives.

Here is a list of different archives that contain important documents in Palestinian History:

Birzeit University- Digital Palestinian Archive

Contains important documents on different phases in Palestinian history, interviews and photographs.


Institute for Palestine Studies Archive

The archive covers great aspects of the Palestinian social and political activity: it also includes important diaries such as Wassef Al-Jawhariya,

Khalil Al-Sakakini, Ihsan Al-Turjuman and others...


Endangered Archives Programme, the British Library

Tens of journals and historical Palestinian newspapers mostly from Al-aqsa Mosque Library.


Palestinian Oral History Archive, AUB

Contains a collection of valuable interviews including: Ismail Shamut, Nicola Ziyada, Bayan Al-Hout and many others...


Jarayed Project, the National Library of Israel

Archive of Palestinian historical newspapers dating back to 1908-1948, it includes more than 100 thousand pages with the ability to search,

browse and download.


Israel State Archives

The archive contains millions of documents from the Ottoman period until this day, including: Ottoman register of persons, documents of the High Islamic Council,

archives of organizations and Palestinian associations until 1948, and millions of various social documents…


The National Photo Collection of Israel

Contains thousands of photographs including photographs of Palestinian cities and villages before the Nakba.


The Spielberg Archive (videos)

Selection of videos for what the Zionist Movement documented in Palestinian cities and villages before the Nakba.


Library of Congress (photographs and maps archive)

Contains thousands of photographs and maps of historical Palestine.


The National Library of Israel, various archives (manuscripts, daily publications)

Contains thousands of Palestinian documents, including hundreds of daily publications before Nakba, tens of Islamic manuscripts,

historical photographs of Palestine, and the archives of many Palestinian intellectuals.


AUB Archive

Documents thousands of classified and catalogued maps, interviews, and more…