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Terms of use

All the material made available on Khazaeen’s website have been uploaded with special permissions and agreements with different institutions and individuals with the aim of making it available to the public. In accordance with the copyright laws in force, and international agreements, Khazaeen owns publishing rights of the material in question. This applies to texts, photographs, illustrations, maps, audio clips, video clips, designs, drawings … etc.

The user is allowed to “fair use” of the protected material in accordance with regulations stated by the law; where fair-use includes moderate citations of the protected material. When quoting any of the material used, the entity (persons or institutions) doing so should refer to the source. Consequently, the user may not alter, misrepresent or damage the protected materials, or perform any act that would diminish the value of the material and thereby insult the copyright owner. According to copyright laws, the user may not copy, circulate, broadcast or publish protected material without prior written consent of the owner; in this case, Khazaeen.

  • Khazaeen aims to make all the material it owns available in order to benefit the public audiences, whether the readers, researchers, or people of interest. Whereas it also aims to develop its collections on regular and permanent basis so it could enrich the website and enhance the quality of its services.
  • All the material made available on Khazaeen’s website has been uploaded with the approval of the copyright owners, or within the context of using the material and making it available within the framework of the customary publishing laws.
  • Those who use the material must comply with copyright and intellectual property laws and use the materials in a fair and equitable manner as defined in the copyright laws.
  • The materials that are provided through Khazaeen’s website are for the purpose of serving research and educational purposes,  and it strictly prohibits any use of the material for commercial or profit purposes.
  • Any use of the material on the website - outside the limits specified by the law - is prohibited  without submitting a written request.
  • It is strictly prohibited to copy or upload material in a systematic manner or to distribute it to third parties without written permission. It’s also prohibited to preserve or keep in possession large quantities of material from the website.
  • Any unfair use such as the transfer or unfair presentation of materials to a third party without reference to the issuer, and to the holders of the copyrights (Khazaeen in this case) shall be held accountable. In such cases, the user shall be solely responsible and, before any unfair use or inalienability with the laws; a written permission must be granted from Khazaeen

Reporting and omission of material:

Khazaeen strives to provide as much material as possible while ensuring the intellectual and moral rights of the owners of the material are preserved, in addition to copyright and privacy rights. Khazaeen receives large quantities of materials, and the staff carefully and constantly works on categorizing  and studying them, and choose the most appropriate materials to be uploaded to the site.

If you find any material that violates these rights, you are the owner of a published material without your consent, or you find any document or picture that contains sensitive information, or any sort of elements that affect the privacy and dignity of any individual, defames anyone, creates social harm, or raises any legal dispute; please contact Khazaeen directly and point out the material you intend to remove.

Contribution and granting material:

Khazaeen seeks to develop its website and to fill it with materials and publications, hence whoever wants to contribute feel free to do so by writing us on our email:

Thanks and gratitude:

The reason we have all these sources available on our website goes back to our hundreds of relentless contributors, volunteers, and donors from around the world, so thank you. We would also like to extend our appreciation to everyone, whether individuals or institutions, for their faith in Khazaeen and for granting us publication and copyrights, and giving us the authorization to distribute and bring this material to the public.

To all of you we extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude, we were able to launch this website and make it a reference point for researchers and interested individuals because of you.


So, thank you.